Pricing Your Home to Sell

Home Sold pic 2

Pricing your home right is a key element to successfully selling your home.  Homeowners looking for a place to live or relocating to another city will have to think about selling their current home.  There are a number of steps to getting your home on the market and in to the hands of a buyer, and price is one of the most important elements of a sale.

For starters, consider at what price comparable properties are selling for. You’ll want to look at a number of similar homes around your neighborhood to see what the original list price was, and what it sold for. While not all the homes will be the same size or have the same features or amenities, keep in mind, a desirable location or shopping, good schools and parks will also add value.

Many home sellers feel that they will start with a higher price in order to leave room for negotiations. This isn’t always a good strategy.  If you price your home above the current market, it will remain unsold for some time.  During this time, you are paying your mortgage, utilities, property taxes, and maintenance costs.  These costs may add up to more than the money you might make by listing at a higher price.

Homes that are priced aggressively will often yield multiple buyers and multiple offers. If you can get multiple offers, the selling price may very well end up being more than what you listed it for. When buyers compete against each other, you win.

Together, we will come up with a great pricing strategy to get your home SOLD!

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